Refurbish & Upgrades

Using only FAA / EASA approved procedures and materials, Worldwide refurbishes fleets, from utility to high-end corporate leather-bound luxury, engine conversions, Flight Data recorder installations as well as Traffic Collision equipment. Worldwide provides its own market niche by analyzing the world markets and providing FAA / EASA Approved Supplemental Type Certification on these modifications and in some cases leaving them as the only source for such conversion in the world. The company not only refurbishes the passenger cabin, but is expert in conversions from passenger to cargo use. Modifications include Expediter Cargo Conversions, Click Clack / Bayonet Door Conversions and Special Mission Modifications. Options available are Limousine-of-the-Air Luxury Leather-Bound. Finish, Utility Passenger Cabins, Corporate Color Schemes, Cockpit Corporate Leather Luxury Upgrade, Cockpit Utility Refurbishing and Major Structural Alterations, and major avionics system upgrades.


Limousine-of-the-air-luxury leather-bound finish Utility passenger cabins Corporate color schemes Cockpit corporate leather luxury upgrade Cockpit utility refurbishing Major Structural alterations Aircraft weigh and balance and full documentation included