Saab 340

Worldwide Aircraft has its roots firmly established with expeience on the Saab 340 aircraft.  Our history with the Saab goes all the way back to 1982 when Jim McClean, one of the founders of Worldwide was a participant in the Maintenance Steering Committee and MSG-3 working groups for the Saab 340 when it was still cardboard and plywood!  He was the Saab 340 Maintenance Steering Group Chairmen for over four years when the first Saabs went into service with Air Midwest Airlines.

Worldwide Aircraft and many of its long time employees gained invaluable experience in maintaining, altering, repairing and servicing the Saab 340 while with Air Midwest.  Worldwide Aircraft over the past 25 years has quite literally delivered serveral hundred Saabs to operators around the world and provided parts and maintenance support services for some of these same operators.

From routine On-Lease, Off-Lease, Pre-Purchase inspection to storage, major inspections, major accident repairs, cargo modifications, increase take-off weight,  and avionics, there's nothing on the Saab 340 that we can't do for our customers. We maintain a high level of tooling and technical proficiency as a Saab 340 certified FAA repair station. There is no subsitute for owning operating and maintaining your own aircraft as we have with the Saab 340 for understanding the needs of the current operators. A lot of repair facilites can talk about it but there's no replacment for having to maintain the aircraft, getting it to the gate and making money with it to know it really well!

Major Saab 340 Services

  • General Saab 340 Maintenance
  • Saab 340 Cargo Conversion
  • Saab 340 Floor Replacement
  • Saab 340 Inspections
  • Saab 340 Parts & Service
  • Saab 340 Avionics Inspection, Maintenance & Installation
  • Saab 340B Increase Maximum Take Off Weight