Fairchild Metro / Merlin

In the opening days, Worldwide Aircraft Services started out through service and repairs for the Fairchild Metro line of aircraft, including the Fairchild Metro II and Fairchild Metro III.  During those first days, the founder and current owner Jim McClean brought a vast knowledge of the Fairchild Metro through is experience and dedication as President of Air MidWest through the mid 1980's.  Moving on from Air MidWest, he started Worldwide Aircraft to repair, facilitate and maintain the Fairchild Metro's, moving into other aircraft over the years, but always maintaining a special interest in the Metros, even maintaining a Fairchild Merlin as the company's personal aircraft.

If you're in need of repairs and maintenance for your Fairchild Metro, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.  We can perform avionics repair, engine repair, fuselage and body repairs, general maintenance, cargo conversions or just about any other type of maintenance you might need for your Fairchild Metro I, II, III or Merlin.